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The Case of the Missing Tooth

November 10, 2008 @ 04:11 PM -- by
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Many times in life, we do not have what we desire. And, when it comes to having an attractive smile, there can be some limitations and setbacks. However, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, Orange County residents like the following patient can look forward to a beautiful smile for time to come. Recently, a patient was referred to the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry seeking an extreme makeover. Newport Beach was his choice to find a cosmetic dentist with a reputation for smile esthetics. Dr Correa is a Newport Beach cosmetic dentist who was chosen for the challenge. The patient is a young successful business man working as a commodities broker. As with most professionals, personal appearance is important. Unfortunately, as a child the issue of the missing right lateral incisor was never addressed adequately. The space was allowed to close up unnaturally resulting in a gross misalignment of the midline and an unsightly visual asymmetry.

This case carries a moderate degree of complexity because of the loss of the incisor and the disappearance of space available for the placement of a new incisor. Whether you are a cosmetic dentist in Orange County, a Newport Beach implant dentist, or a doctor who practices TMJ dysfunction disorders globally, this case is challenging! This is why an accurate diagnosis is so vital. These types of cases must be evaluated and studied at length long before any treatment is rendered. Diagnostic instrumentation may be used for planning purposes as well as x-rays and other imaging. Following the proper diagnosis, treatment plan options were presented to the patient. The patient decided to follow Dr Correa's advice and use Dr C's technique of Orange County Orthodontics as the means to open the space. Porcelain veneers "Newport Beach style" would follow.

During orthodontic treatment, a temporary plastic incisor tooth is attached to the orthodontic arch wire for continual monitoring and assessment of the proper space.

Once the space was achieved, the patient was ready to start his extreme smile makeover.

Since the patient preferred not to have an implant in the incisor position, a 2 unit cantilever was designed by Dr Correa for the successful restoration of this case. Attached to the right canine tooth, the cantilever's zirconium reinforced substructure provided the strength required for long term support.

Porcelain veneers were placed on the other front teeth to achieve maximum esthetics. This patient was very happy with his result from Dr Correa at the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

We have had so many other testimonies of other cases in which just everyday people have achieved success with their desires and aspirations for a more healthy and beautiful smile. It is always a pleasure to be a blessing to those in need of a cosmetic smile makeover.