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Dental Implants — Newport Beach and Orange County Area

Have you ever wished you had the comfort and aesthetic beauty of your own natural teeth? Imagine being able to eat a steak again! Or not having to worry about your denture falling out as you speak. At the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and the TMJ Institute of Newport Beach, this wish can become a reality. You can get back your confidence and feel great about your smile. Dr. Correa has helped many of his patients achieve the safe replacement of missing teeth with the use of dental implants.

If you suffer from any of the concerns below, you could be eligible for dental implants. Call our Newport Beach office in Orange County today for a complimentary consultation.

  • Missing Teeth
  • Broken or Abscessed Teeth
  • Uncomfortable Partial Dentures
  • Loose and Ill-fitting Dentures
  • Failed Bridge Work
  • Chewing Difficulty/Digestive Problems

About Dental Implants

For over 20 years, dental implants have been medically proven to be a safe and comfortable alternative to the replacement of missing teeth. These implants securely attach to the jaw, where an artificial tooth is precisely made to fit. This means you can speak clearly, confidently, and securely. And you can eat what you like without the fear of pain or instability.

As a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Correa is more than qualified to assist you through every detail of your implant procedure. Although there are many steps involved in implant dentistry, you can rest assured that Dr. Correa and his expert team will always be available for you and to address any concerns that may arise. Your comfort and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us.



Guided Surgery Technology

Before you begin with your implant dentistry treatment, Dr. Correa will utilize state-of-the-art computer technology. This will give him a detailed analysis of your bone density and jaw structure, which will let him know if you are a good candidate for implant placement. This technology uses information from CAT scans to create sophisticated three-dimensional computer models of the bone, soft tissue, and other vital structures.


Implants, then, can be placed first in the computer models, and the placement can be refined until the aesthetics and function have been optimized. Once the final plan for implant placement has been prepared virtually, the advanced system generates a surgical guide. Using this guide, Dr. Correa is able to control the placement so precisely that the need for a surgical flap can be nearly eliminated.


Bone Grafting

Computer guided technology will also reveal if bone grafting is necessary. Surgical sites that are deficient in bone require bone augmentation. Today, there is a choice of different grafting materials that can be used to build up bone support. Dr. Correa can help you choose which alternative is right for you.


Implant Surgery

Once your bone stability has been verified, your next step is the actual implant surgery. It has been found that implant success is highly dependant on the precise three-dimensional placement of the implant. This requires that the knowledge of the final tooth position and its pattern of occlusion be predetermined. Problems can arise when one doctor is involved in the placement and another one in the restoration of the implant. For this reason, Dr. Correa prefers to place and restore all dental implants himself at his office in Newport Beach, Orange County.


Using the computer-fabricated surgical guide, Dr. Correa will place a small hole in the gum tissue and place a titanium root-form implant. As a result of this technique, there is less morbidity and the healing time is reduced significantly compared to traditional open flap surgical placement. Most patients report that they do not need to take any pain medication afterward. As the implants "sleep," submerged under the gum for four to six months, they become integrated or fused with the bone. They will then be ready to accept their final restorations: crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Implant Prosthetics

The process by which your new teeth are fabricated will include a series of appointments. At the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, the information from an aesthetic evaluation is compiled for a precise blueprint of your smile and restorative needs. Dr. Correa and his expert lab technicians will work hand in hand to achieve the proper aesthetics, function, and stability in the creation of your new teeth.




Some people may feel challenged by the prospect of having dental implant surgery. For your ease of mind, our Newport Beach practice has an in-house anesthesiologist who can administer IV and oral sedation to ensure a pain-free dental experience. Sedation relaxes the patient or puts him or her to sleep, and can reduce the stress of visiting the dentist. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Correa to discuss whether sedation dentistry might be a better option in your case.

Contact Us for a Dental Implants Consultation

Don't wait any longer if you have been suffering from missing teeth. Let Dr. Correa's expertise and commitment to excellence shine through your implant procedures. If you are interested in dental implants, contact our dental practice in Newport Beach, Orange County to schedule your complimentary implant consultation.


If dental implants interest you, please contact our Newport Beach, Orange County office to schedule a consultation. You'll be amazed at what Dr. James Correa can do for your smile.

Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic concern. Aside from the embarrassment many people feel about having gaps in their smiles, tooth loss can lead to serious oral and general health problems. Speech is impeded, eating is uncomfortable, and the health of the bone beneath the missing tooth (the jawbone) begins to deteriorate. If you are missing one or more teeth, don't delay in contacting Dr. Correa for a consultation.